The beneficial lightness of a lymphatic massage

A lymphatic massage of the body or face has a draining action as it works on the lymphatic circulation, where fluid stagnation is present, which can be caused by vascular diseases, certain medications or an excessively sedentary lifestyle.

The unique aspect of a lymphatic massage is the lightness with which it is performed: the massage therapist exerts light finger pressure, working on the lymphatic channels to collect and eliminate toxins.

Lymphatic massage for the body

This massage is useful to combat water retention, which is especially visible in summer, and to treat cellulite (also oedematous) and reddish-coloured fat deposits that appear on the legs and arms.

All the beneficial movements of the lymphatic body massage

Before starting the massage, the professionals at Hotel Tritone carry out an analysis together with the guest, gathering useful information to continue.

After laying the client on the couch, they start with the neck and nape, applying very light pressure to open the lymphatic channels. The therapist then moves on to the glands of the armpits to get the lymph flowing, continuing then down the arms, again with very light pressure. Light, draining pumping is then performed from the arm to the hand, down to the fingers.

The therapist then moves to the stomach, making rotating movements around and below the navel. Finally, the therapist continues on the legs, starting by opening the lymphatic ganglia of the groin. The bottom-up movement drains the liquids. In particular, pumping of the feet focusses on the malleolus, which is a crucial point for drainage.

At this point the guest turns over in a prone position and the therapist repeats the light movement on the legs and performs small circles on the back.  

Lymphatic facial massage

In this massage, the same gentle movements are performed. The process starts at the neck and then continues around the face, focusing on the eyes, to deflate puffiness and dark circles (the effects are visible from the first session), with the aim of restoring a toned shape to the face. It can also be useful for acne sufferers because the gentle pressure exerted acts on the sebaceous glands. 

The massage is very relaxing and can be performed using an oil containing vitamin E, which is an anti-radical.

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