The benefits of Abano Terme thermal muds

The therapeutic properties of the thermal muds are the result of the combination of two elements: clay and the thermal waters. This combination gives rise to mud-therapy, an excellent hydrotherapy treatment, which is an incredible source of benefits and free from side effects.

The list of benefits that the body can derive from this mud-therapy is very long, and the Abano muds have properties that are truly unique – just like their story.


Clay and thermal waters: a miracle with legendary roots

In the castle overlooking Lispida lake, a young count who suffered from an incurable disease of the legs once lived. On the night of Saint John, the young man wandered to the shores of the lake, considering throwing himself into its waters to put an end to his unbearable pain, when he saw the face of a beautiful maiden emerge.

She asked him why he was so sad and the count explained. Showing her mermaid’s tail, the maiden invited him to join her. The mermaid sprinkled boiling mud from the lake over the legs of the young man, and he was healed. From that point onwards, the spirit of the count has visited the lake every night, invoking his saviour – but only on the night of Saint John can the two lovers finally be together again.


From the maturation of the mud to its benefits

vasche di maturazione dei fanghi

From this little lake at the feet of the Euganean Hills, we also gather the mud that, according to legend, healed the count of Monticelli; and the story of our thermal waters is no less unique. They emerge from the lower Dolomites, falling to 3,000 metres, and over the course of their long journey through the subsoil they are enriched with many beneficial mineral substances. They re-emerge at temperatures of almost 90°C after 25/30 years.

The waters that flow into the vats where the mud matures, managed by our mud carrier, emerge from the 4 springs of the Tritone thermal waters.

Maturation takes two to three months. The water, rich in saline bromine and iodine, flows with a constant rhythm, causing the mud to modify its chemical-physical characteristics, and to become enriched with minerals, developing an organic microflora part.

Thus the most powerful active ingredients of many medicines is born, and without side effects.

The uniqueness and beneficial principles of the Abano Terme muds are protected by a European patent. The benefits of the mud therapy treatment include:

  • the release of hormones with an analgesic action (endorphins) and anti-inflammatory action (cortisol), thanks to the thermal shock;
  • intense vasodilation of the of the skin and muscles; carrying more blood means carrying more oxygen, or the fuel that stimulates cell activity and therefore the metabolism;
  • elimination of toxins and benefits for the skin;
  • effective anti-stress and anti-aging action;
  • preventative action not only for osteoarthritic illnesses, but also of all illness linked to negative motor action, such as back pain and wryneck.


Mud therapy, a recognised medical treatment: how to gain maximum benefits

Mud therapy offers many benefits and drives thousands of people to return every year to the thermal area of Abano.

On the day of your arrival at Terme Tritone, the thermal doctor will be available to carry out the medical examination required to gain access to all treatments. Indeed, the thermal establishment is considered to all intents and purposes as a medical establishment: this means that our health director can give you a statement, thanks to which you can request a refund for your treatments once you return home. Once a year, this solution will allow you to access a cycle of 12 mud therapy treatments.

To obtain maximum benefits from the course, we advise the complete cycle of 12 consecutive days of treatment. In the morning, you will be welcomed into one of the 20 Terme Tritone mud chambers by Mattia, Umberto, Chris or Sabrina, our thermal assistance operators. Application of the mud is followed by a thermal cleansing shower and a thermal ozone bath, which stimulates circulation and the cellular metabolism. Finally, you will receive a therapeutic massage to reinvigorate the muscles and the nervous system.

At the end of the cycle, you will begin to feel the first benefits, which will last for several months following the treatment, leaving behind the sweet memory of the thermal treatments and the muds of the Euganean Hills.