First reviews of the Tropical Pool

It was clear from the outset that the Tropical Pool was a major investment. It was clear from the very first day of construction that it was a major undertaking. At the opening in June 2023, we realised that we had brought a profound desire to life.  

But if all this was clear in our heads and hearts, and although we hoped for it, we could not be certain that the Tropical Pool would also be what it is for our guests: a dream come true, a momentous change in the Tritone Luxury Experience.

But your first public reviews, and those we received following our questionnaires, have confirmed that the new Tropical Pool has hit the mark: the appreciation is unanimous, confirming once again that every investment made for the wellbeing of our Guests is an investment for the future of our Hotel and your relaxation breaks. 

We therefore leave the floor to you with some extracts from your reviews: 

“In our twenty years of frequenting Abano, we gradually ended up choosing just two hotels, alternating them: the Tritone and another (which I won’t mention here 😉). We have always been captivated by the large park, the pools and the water features … but now, with the creation of the spectacular Tropical Pool, you have obviously moved into pole position! What makes you unique, however, is the extreme kindness that can be felt everywhere, a feeling of empathy towards the guest that is not a given elsewhere. No staff member, at any level, has not contributed to making us feel welcome. Well done!”

“Thanks to Walter POLI for the wonderful new layout of the pool. The videos are already circulating among our friends who are very attracted!”

“The new pool area is simply perfect. I can only recommend the hotel. We keep coming back.”

Always at the top in every area. The new pool is stunning! See you again in August!”

“Fantastic tropical pool!”

“The newly designed pool landscape is a dream. Very tasteful and beautiful.”

“Yesterday the hotel was beautiful: now, with the new pool, it “fantastic”.

“This is the second time I have returned to this resort and (given the season) I enjoyed the outdoor pools (including the new one with the Pool Bar) and the park for relaxing and sunbathing. Very friendly staff and maximum attention to guests. Absolutely recommendable stay”.

“The new Tropical Pool with Pool Bar garnished with tropical plants and water features creates an ambience you never want to leave. Thank you for the beautiful experience we enjoyed….. we’ll definitely see you again.”

“One word is enough to describe this hotel: STUNNING.”

“We received the email announcing the new tropical pool and immediately went to try it out. We recommend it in summer. The Tritone regulates the temperature of the water and its rooms perfectly. No need to go to the mountains when it’s hot! Go to the Tritone!”

“I feel that the new Tropical Pool, which is a new addition to the existing ones, is incomparable with other hotels of this type. The bar in the centre of the new pool adds a new experience to drinking. The cocktails are excellently made.”

“The addition of the new pool makes it even more pleasant and enjoyable in every respect. I am not discovering the quality of the hotel today, which is enhanced year after year with new and improved features in the pursuit of maximum pleasure and comfort.”

“Congratulations on the new Tropical Pool, truly spectacular.”

What can we add? Thanks to our guests for their loyalty and support, their trusting companionship, and their patience. All that remains is to enjoy this experience that is bound to leave its mark, for many years to come.