Therapeutic massage after mud-bath therapy

In the previous chapters of this trilogy of articles on mud-bath therapy, we focused on the first two phases of the entire treatment: mud therapy and ozone baths. This third edition will focus on the final phase involving therapeutic massage.


The importance of therapeutic massage after mud-bath therapy

After mud therapy and an ozone bath, a therapeutic massage is recommended for several reasons.

Firstly, because the transpiration that begins with the application of the mud and continues during the immersion in the ozone bath lasts for an hour, this is the ideal time to perform the massage. In addition to the transpiring action, the mud’s anti-inflammatory, analgesic and detoxifying actions also continue.

Moreover, the relaxing effect of the massage is enhanced by the fact that the muscles are loosened and ready to receive this treatment, which also makes it possible to eliminate any tension.

Finally, the massage restores muscle and nerve tone, eliminating the transient feeling of tiredness left by the mud therapy session.

How therapeutic massage takes place

The treatment lasts 55 minutes, during which the therapist performs specific movements to massage the tendon, ligament, muscle and joint structures. The aim is to improve tone and promote relaxation. Massage, in addition, has a positive effect on breathing, improves mood and optimises mental-physical balance.

With these extremely positive feelings, the Hotel Tritone guest completes the mud-bath therapy course.

It is a cycle of sessions that as a whole provides innumerable benefits. On a local level, mud therapy treatment favours intense skin and muscle vasodilation, an increase in local joint flow with wash out of algogenic substances and effective muscle relaxation. 

At a general level, it causes the release, due to thermal stress, of hormones with an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action (cortisol and endorphins). Finally, the mud promotes the elimination of toxins and increased diuresis, and stimulates hormone production, generating an effective anti-stress and anti-ageing action.


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