A journey through the waters of the world: Executive Chef Facciotti’s culinary presentation for summer 2019

Enjoying a poolside dinner while admiring a warm summer sunset reflected on the water is a truly unique experience. This year, too, we at Hotel Tritone are glad to announce our   traditional summer buffets  events.

Our Executive Chef Luigi Facciotti is pleased to present you with  an exclusive culinary journey. This is an exciting voyage through the waters of the world and the delicacies of the sea and the land , ranging from the cold northern seas to the tropical horizons, from the exotic eastern islands to the rivers that have cradled the great civilizations.

Let yourselves be taken on this journey of joys and surprises to be discovered: be immersed in the oasis of our garden and enlivened by the light of the sunset, enjoying  themed musical accompaniment every evening.  Don’t miss the  fireworks  on the special occasions of 14th July, in honour of the  French fête nationale,  and of the Italian national holiday on 15th August.  Six events  with the flavours and traditions of the world, directed by the flow of its waters.


For more information on summer buffets and stays on special occasions you can  write to us here  or call (+39)  049 8668099 .


15 June: the  North Sea  and the riches of the fjords

We often think of the seas to the north of the world as cold, silent and perhaps not very hospitable places. In reality, these waters  are very rich in living things: they offer  fishing of the highest quality  causing the surrounding regions to flourish.

At the fist  summer buffet event, the Chef will offer fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, and fresh and dried cod. There will also be  imperial crab  and the fabulous  Alaskan    black cod , one of the most popular white fish in the world. There will be dishes from the land as well, such as ginger pork and  Swedish meatballs with blueberries and yogurt.


29 June:  Indian Ocean  and the exotic treasures of the East

The most famous trade routes of antiquity crossed the Indian Ocean; they were much appreciated by Europeans travelling to the east, to trade silk, tea and spices. Upon these warm waters travelled many peoples with  a variety of unmistakable culinary traditions.

The buffet on 29th June will be dedicated to  Indian and Indonesian cuisine : curry chicken, lemon-scented rice, spit-roasted lamb,  coconut octopus salad , accompanied by world-renowned dishes such as Indian amberjack, lobster, spiced tuna, and even seafood salad and roasted pork.


14 July: the  Seine, history of France

The history of France and its capital Paris wind along the course of the river Seine, which harmoniously traverses them with magnificent beauty.  On 14th July, the anniversary of the Taking of the Bastille,  we celebrate the  fête nationale  of France with an exclusive theme party  accompanied by a  pyrotechnic show.

The protagonists of the evening will be traditional French dishes, which will accompany international cuisine in a surprising blend. You will have the opportunity to taste  oysters, escargots, delicious quiches and fabulous desserts  like Saint Honoré, macaroons and profiteroles.


27 July: from  Adriatic  to  Tirreno, a journey through the flavours of Italy

The Italian culinary tradition is perhaps the most famous in the world. We want to pay homage with a journey from the North to the South, following the lines of the rivers and coasts that represent the history of the “Bel Paese.” In tasting  the regional cuisine specialities , you will experience a wonderful triumph of colours and flavours.

In his presentation of buffet dishes, Chef Luigi Facciotti portrays the South of Italy with buffalo mozzarella and the best fish, such as the albacore, the grouper and the spatula fish. The Chef represents the centre of Italy with Tuscan game and the Roman artichoke; he represents Northern Italy with Piedmontese Fassona and the famous risottos.   Regional specialties will also enrich an array desserts ranging from apple strudël to Neapolitan pastiera.


15 August: the  Caribbean Sea  and the triumph of summer

A tropical party from the Caribbean Sea and its splendid islands will arrive at  the pool  on 15th August (Ferragosto) . The sun, music and dancing  will accompany a buffet that is full of the colours and exotic flavours of Central and South America and the sky will light up with the fireworks of an irresistible party.

The international buffet will be enriched with traditional dishes such as  burritos, enchiladas, arroz with chicken  and many other specialities accompanied by the inevitable  guacamole sauce  made by our Chef. Exotic and tropical specialities will colour the dessert buffet with a rainbow of tastes and flavours.


31 August: the  Danube  across Europe

The last leg of our journey will be a tribute to the River that flows through Europe, a river that was of great importance (as well as of magnificent beauty) during the Middle Ages. And so you will have the opportunity to relive  the festive banquets  which filled the castles of princes and kings with chatter and music.

The protagonists of the last buffet of the season will be sweets and focaccias with an ancient flavour,  specialities based on game and poultry, and a wide selection of vegetables and first fruits of autumn.

scorcio di una cena a bordo pisicna

In case of bad weather, all the buffets will be held in the beautiful dining room.

Our Chef is ready to delight you with our exclusive poolside summer buffets. For information and to organize your stay,  write to us here  or call (+39)  049 8668099.