Elevating the gourmet experience at the Hotel Tritone: the new food&beverage journey

Raising Hotel Tritone’s cuisine to a level where every moment tasted is even more sublime is the aim of the collaboration between our Food & Beverage team and renowned chef Andrea Valentinetti.


The idea is to create an unprecedented and powerful synergy between the experience of a chef who has always expressed his passion in the kitchens of famous restaurants and the skills of the professionals at the Hotel. It is precisely the combination of these skills that will make it possible to take the standard of the Hotel Tritone’s kitchen and bar one step even further, and, at the same time, increase the emotional effect of the Tritone Luxury Experience.


About chef Andrea Valentinetti

The choice of the person with whom to begin this journey was a careful one. Andrea Valentinetti knows how to surprise diners in his “galaxy of taste”, Radici, which includes the fine dining restaurant, excellent cocktail bar, cafe and, soon, pastry shop.

During his career prior to Radici, Chef Valentinetti crossed the threshold of prestigious kitchens such as Gino Pesce’s Acqua Pazza restaurant, where he trained, and the Alajmo family’s Le Calandre, where he served as head chef.


The food&beverage collaboration at the Hotel Tritone

Chef Valentinetti will work alongside the entire Team responsible for taste: from the kitchen brigade to the staff of the Hotel’s various bars, up to the heads of department, namely Executive Chef Luigi Facciotti, “Lady Barman” Daiana Vreme, and Maitre Stefano Ferrari.

Together, all these professionals will develop new recommendations for the restaurant menu, from breakfast to dinner, the drinks served in the pool area, the desserts in the patisserie, and the drinks list in the cocktail bar.

All this will be done while fully respecting the Hotel Tritone’s gourmet tradition, selecting from all the excellence the area has to offer, a firm point of honour for all the professionals involved.



The enthusiasm of the Hotel Tritone’s staff

The collaboration between Chef Valentinetti and our Team will begin in March 2021. Over the course of a whole year, this trait d’union will form new taste experiences, special precisely because they were born from the minds of a united and multifaceted group.

“It will be a unique opportunity to elevate every moment of our Guests’ enjoyment,” says Luigi Facciotti, our Executive Chef. “I am thrilled to collaborate with Chef Valentinetti and I am sure that together we will create something new, never seen before”.


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