Sleep soundly thanks to thermal water

Many people wish they could fall asleep easily and sleep soundly until morning. A spa holiday can help restore calm and banish stress, thanks to the properties of thermal water.


The importance of getting a good night’s rest

Sleep is essential for the body’s recovery and involves the interaction of several components of the central and autonomic nervous system. How well one sleeps at night influences one’s quality of life, both positively and negatively, because it affects one’s psycho-physical abilities and health.


The thermal bath: a warm, relaxing embrace

Due to their composition, Euganean thermal waters can be defined as saline-bromine-iodine. These chemical components are the basis of thermal waters’ natural beneficial effects. Balneotherapy consists of immersing the body in a tub containing pure thermal water, naturally warm and sometimes enriched with ozone. During immersion, movements are freer, muscles relax, any aches and pains diminish, and the bubbles in the ozone stream produce an intense vasodilating action.

Studies have shown that, after a few sessions of balneotherapy, subjects experienced marked improvements in the quality of their sleep cycle

It is hypothesised that thermoregulation (a crucial component of the sleep-wake cycle) may influence the sleep system through certain physiological changes, such as increased body temperature or skin vasodilation. 


The calming action of bromine and the tranquillity of the Hotel Tritone

Bromine, naturally present in the thermal waters of the Hotel Tritone’s pools, has a calming action that acts on nervous systems agitated by daily stress or other factors, offering a sense of relief that prepares the body for a more peaceful sleep.

In our hotel, every space is designed for guests’ relaxation: the spa, the swimming pools, the common areas, the Thermal Medical Centre, and more. In the park, on the deckchairs or the swings, the sounds of nature and the gentle breeze transmit feelings of peace and harmony. Even in the rooms, one can increase the chances of a good night’s rest by asking the staff to supply pillows and mattresses to adapt the bed to one’s needs.

Every relaxing experience helps you sleep better, and the Hotel Tritone is the home of relaxation. 


To experience the beneficial effects of thermal water and book a holiday at the Hotel Tritone, write to us here or call (+39) 049 8668099