Thermal swimming pools in Abano at the Hotel Tritone

Abano thermal swimming-pools at the Hotel Tritone are supplied by water that naturally springs from the underground of the thermal basin at 87° C temperature after it undergoes a cooling cycle that was scientifically tested. Thermal water in Abano Terme is one-of-a-kind in the world.

Even Abano’s swimming-pools are different from those of other spa districts where they have to heat water for recreational and therapeutic purposes and spend energy and natural resources that are indeed carefully respected in Abano Terme.


The fame of spa water in Abano dates back to the dawn of history. One legend tells of Hercules finding relief and benefiting from Abano thermal water at the end of his mythical enterprises. The name the Euganean Hills derives from that legend as the word “Euganei” probably meant “noble” in ancient Greek because the knights and the legendary leader who stayed here were all noble people. The name of the town itself, Abano, derives from the Greek word Aponon.

From a scientific and naturalistic point of view, the water that springs in Abano takes a long journey of almost 30 years and it comes from the Pre-Alps of the Lessini Mountains where it filters deep into the rocks and it flows underground, at about 3,000 m of depth.   Here, the water reaches a temperature of almost 200°C and, while rising to the surface, it partially cools down and gets enriched with mineral salts such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, bromine and silicon.


Abano water has several tested curative powers and it is used locally for 4 main purposes:

It was for health benefits that the thermal water offered their regular attendants that the Romans coined the expression “Salus per Aquam“, which it is still used today in the abbreviation, SPA whose many people either misinterpret or don’t know from where it derives.


The Hotel Tritone is located in the heart of the thermal basin of Abano and Montegrotto and it is the leader in the promotion of a wise and sustainable use of thermal water.

Besides providing therapeutic activities (i.e. mud applications, inhalations and water therapies), the Hotel is equipped with three large recreational swimming-pools:

  • Two communicating indoor and outdoor swimming-pools, covering 400 sq. m and having a temperature range from 32° C to 36° C. These swimming-pools are open all year round and are equipped with warm water falls and relaxing water jets that you will discover in your daily immersions;
  • A large outdoor swimming-pool, of 650 sq. m, with different depths and a temperature range from 32° C to 36° C. This swimming-pool is accessible from the indoors so that you can get to it even in colder weather.

The swimming-pools are located in a strategic position inside the Hotel Tritone area and they are positioned between the G&G Pool Bar, the large outdoor garden and the New SPA Arquà Petrarca. This architectonic solution allows the guests to enjoy all the services of the Hotel, but also to enjoy total relaxation, respecting the privacy of each guest and the desired personal tranquility.

Sipping a cocktail near the swimming-pools, enjoying a coffee or regenerating with a healthy fruit centrifuge, having a walk in the garden or relaxing in the Spa center, these are just a few opportunities offered by the Hotel Tritone to its lucky attendants.


Our guests balance moments of loneliness and sociality and they know they can reserve sunbeds in the wide 30,000 sq m park surrounded by greenery to maintain a sense of  privacy and, in the warm weather, they can use the swimming-pools without renouncing the peerless luxury sensation that comes from quietness.

In the last few months, we have prepared a new facility: a well-equipped relaxation area, with a huge verandah overlooking the park, comfortable beds also in a hammock version, amazing water mattresses and egg-shaped swing seats, positioned for enjoying the panorama.

Our world needs careful and calm exploration as it reserves lots of other surprises for meeting our guests’ desire.

For exploring the Hotel Tritone’s swimming-pools and park or for getting more information, please write here or call (+39) 049 8668099.