Chatting with Rossella from the human resources department at Hotel Tritone

Rossella has been working at the Hotel Tritone for a long time and tells us how all the staff – regardless of seniority – form a strongly close-knit group.  Staff enjoy working at Tritone This affects our Guest’s experience too. We’ll see this through Rossella’s story and her love for her work and the city of Abano Terme.


Rossella, please introduce yourself for those who don’t know you

I am Rossella B., I am 59 years old, and I have always lived in Abano Terme. I grew up among hotels and tourists because as a child I lived right along the  town’s main avenue.  I experienced the city through the comings and goings of holidaymakers, the melodies of the locals in the evening, and the diligent work of the mud operators.

A lovely story! Would you tell it to us?

I would have liked so much to have pursued humanistic studies after high school, but my parents chose differently, enrolling me in  accounting.  Having obtained my diploma, I started working in a local company until I happen to hear that Hotel Tritone was looking for staff. It can be said that it was fate that brought us together, and I remember that moment as if it were today. It was almost Christmas in 1991 and the hotel was beautifully decorated in multiple shades of red.  I had an interview with  Mrs. Poli  (the mother of the current General Manager, Walter Poli, ed) and then, just before December 25th, they confirmed to me that I would be hired: a wonderful Christmas present ! 

What is your role and what are your main duties?

I work in human resources, so I take care of the  search  for qualified personnel. I conduct the work interviews, maintain     relationships  with all the employees and manage staff  attendance.  I also take care of the  internships  organized in agreement with hotel schools, managing the interns during their period of work at the Tritone and maintaining relations with their school and family.

How long have you worked at the Tritone?

I was hired permanently in February 1992:  I have worked at Hotel Tritone for over  30 years.   I integrated immediately and very easily and, thanks to my  curiosity,  I have always learned a lot. I still continue to learn, taking refresher courses and reading industry newsletters.

What do you like most about your work?

I know everyone that works here, and there are many of us! What I like is that our group has a strong bond: this gives us a great sense of belonging and makes us feel at home.        

Among your duties and activities, what are the details that make the Guests’ experience special?

 The fact that we all like working makes the stay special for Guests.   If we workers are happy, the guest can sense it, and this is very important in making them feel welcome. Our work environment is enveloping. The hotel Director Walter Poli is very keen that the staff, in the first instance, should feel good about being here.    This is concretely implemented, for example through curated welfare policies.

If you had to describe Tritone in one word, what would it be?

Hotel Tritone is “special”. It is immediately perceived, as soon as you enter for the first time or when you see it from the outside, that this place “moves something inside you.” We are, in a way, a special group.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I am fortunate to live nearby, and come to work on a bicycle, so I have more free time than many of the other staff members. I usually dedicate myself to my  family  which is made up of a husband, a child and a poodle.

I like  cooking , both classic and experimental recipes. My passion is such that often the Chef makes me taste some of his experiments to get an extra opinion. 

I also love  reading , especially English classics (like  Wuthering Heights ) and Nordic authors. Finally, I would like to return to  painting,  an activity I once used to do more often.

If you were a guest at the Tritone, which service/treatment would you try first?

I think I would try everything, but if I had to choose I would go for mud therapy.  I would follow the cycle proposed at the Hotel, including massages and  inhalations.  I strongly believe in the  healing power of  muds, and they are also what makes Abano Terme special.


To book a mud therapy session at Hotel Tritone or to discover other experiences, you can write    here  or call (+39) 049 8668099.