Tourism professional’s view of the Tritone: Maria Patrizia Pardini and Luigi Franchi

Tuscan couple Maria Patrizia Pardini and Luigi Franchi are regular guests at the Hotel Tritone and have a special distinction: they are the owners and managers of a bathing establishment. This means their experience of the stay is completely different from that of many other customers, because they operate in the tourism sector, and therefore have a more technical perspective. Curious to hear what they had to say, we asked them some questions and got some interesting answers.

Can you tell us a little about who you are?

Maria Patrizia: We come from Versilia, specifically from Lido di Camaiore. I come from a family of traders, but in 1962 my father bought a beach club in Camaiore, which we run today. My father’s decision changed our lives: we work the whole season, right from Easter. I grew up there: I have always liked the sea, the hospitality and the work. Over the years we have evolved in response to customer and tourism demands and now

we have an establishment with 18 cabins with hot showers, 6 deluxe tents with a wooden deck, a bar and a restaurant. We also focus on quality, especially the food, and we consider ourselves family-run like the Tritone: people who come to us say that there is a sense of warmth and that they feel at home.

Here, one quality I appreciate is that the Poli family manages to maintain a certain privacy.

Do you see any similarities between your establishment and the Tritone?

We are not like the Tritone, but it is a bit like seeing ourselves in a mirror because we have the same mentality: every year we reinvest the profit by bringing new features to the establishment. We were inspired by many things and asked for advice.


Are you here for the therapies?

Maria Patrizia: We do therapies too: specifically, I do mud baths and massages.

Luigi: I like to be in the water and then think, write, etc.

How long do you stay?

We come for 15 days in November and also for 4-5 days between the beginning of the year and Epiphany.Which are your favourite experiences?

Which are your favourite experiences?

Luigi: We really appreciate the silence zone and the new spa with the cold-hot combinations.

When we’re here we adopt this routine: the morning is for therapies and the pool, and in the afternoon we tour the Veneto in stages that we can easily reach from the hotel. I absolutely love Venice but my wife doesn’t like it very much. We like the cultural attitude of the Veneto: the people are efficient yet kind and polite.


And from a culinary point of view?

We are also restaurateurs and we have noticed the change in the Tritone staff, and we know what it means for a restaurateur and hotelier: transitions can be difficult.

I say this honestly: here at the Tritone, they have managed to maintain a high standard. The cuisine is subjective but objectively the quality of the product is high: commitment, refinement and variety are noticeable. In short, it is the ultimate for an operation that brings hundreds of people to the table. Finally, the cellar is excellent thanks to Mirco and Tiziano.

Who are you most acquainted with?

We come and see the same people over and over again: this also shows the employee satisfaction level. Also, the great thing about the continuity of employees is that we can come back and greet them by name.

Would you recommend the Tritone to a friend?

We’ve always recommended it. We also have clients who come to us at the seaside and then come to the Tritone.

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