Tritone Luxury Experience: the Handbook of an exclusive stay, told in the words of our guests.

All the Staff at the Hotel Tritone are called to take up an exciting and daring challenge: to make our guests live unforgettable moments.

This is why, over the years, a precise method has been developed to make every stay truly special for every person who stays here. Thanks to the entire team’s expertise and passion, what seemed like an unattainable goal has proved to be a significant, essential journey. In fact, the approach we have created together has become a handbook that we all follow rigorously.


The decision to share it with you, our loyal and future Guests, is an opportunity to define the traits of the Tritone Luxury Experience, a phrase that encompasses the many different ways of experiencing the Hotel, those of each individual Guest. This is precisely why the Hotel Tritone experience cannot be told in our words, but in yours.


  1. Inclusive luxury

The luxury that distinguishes our hotel is not ostentation. It’s an emotion that turns into a smile, a moment of relaxation, the taste of something unique; knowing how to convert these moments into indelible experiences is the hallmark of our Hotel, and what our guests recognise as “class”.



Inclusive luxury is also what gives this experience the right price.



  1. Great teamwork

No experience can be special if it isn’t born from a united team that knows how to respond to every request. The Hotel Tritone team is always at our Guests’ side: they know how to decipher unspoken wishes, the importance of needs communicated verbally or on paper, and how to answer the most diverse questions – including, for example, those about Christmas decorations.



  1. The Hotel Tritone as a gateway to the area

A stay at the Hotel Tritone should be one of continuous discovery of the world around you. That’s why guests here can find people with a comprehensive knowledge of everything about the area, insights that go beyond what is normally expected from staff, such as the history of local gourmet dishes, the best view from which to watch a sunset, or the Euganean Hills golf club with the longest par in Europe.



  1. Adaptability and foresight

Being able to adapt to change and always keeping an eye on the future are two key elements of our handbook. Change means evolution and improvement, and that is why we renew the Hotel Tritone every year. So that the experience of each stay is always new, unique, and unparalleled. Just like that of the Arquà Petrarca Spa, created in 2019.



  1. Listening to each guest with the right open-mindedness

All of our staff learn a huge amount from our customers. So we maintain a solid relationship with each one, using email, telephone, and even social networks. This is how we discover the moments and elements of the Tritone Luxury Experience that are most appreciated.



  1. Diversity management

Every guest is different, and it is often complex to search for the deep-seated reasons for a feeling. This is why we are prepared to decode every signal, with the aim of getting to the essence of luxury. The words with which you, our Guests, define each stay are also part of this quest.



  1. Always surprising

As in all special experiences, the element of surprise plays an important role. The Tritone Luxury Experience’s handbook includes all those unique gestures that astound our guests.



  1. Enchanting to the eye

Beauty satisfies the soul. Celebrating, spreading, and maintaining it must be part of the experience of each stay.



  1. Expertise and experience

All our Staff are qualified and specialised professionals who know how to do their job to the highest standard. In addition, our Team undergoes refresher courses every year so that all our professionals are always up to date – and, as a result, every experience is always perfect.



  1. Perfection is in the details

The method by which we put all this into place is rigorous because it goes as far as defining even the smallest detail. Our Housekeeper, for example, recommends the precise arrangement of all the elements of the beauty kit found in each of the Hotel rooms’ bathrooms. A pattern that changes according to the type of bathroom in which these products are placed. Every minute element like this contributes to the exclusivity of the Tritone Luxury Experience.



So here is the Handbook, thanks to which every stay at the Hotel Tritone unleashes new and intoxicating emotions, as if you were attending the premiere of an opera at the theatre. A show as eagerly awaited as it is exceptional.


To experience the emotions of the Tritone Luxury Experience, you can write to us here or call us on (+39) 049 866 8099