Golf: a sport that ennobles body and soul

Golf is a sport that embodies the essence of a relaxing experience because it includes a fair amount of physical activity, immersion in lush and luxuriant nature, and finally a feeling of well-being that not many people can enjoy.

Those who practise this sport know this feeling so well that they won’t give up the pleasure of swinging a club, even during their stay at the spa. To encourage this passion, shared by many Guests, the Hotel Tritone is associated with three Golf Clubs, nestled in the unique setting of the Euganean Hills. Those who, on the other hand, are not accustomed to handling irons or frequenting clubhouses, will still be able to take advantage of the opportunity to become acquainted with this exclusive sport, which offers many benefits.



Golf is a sport for all ages and is practised with enthusiasm even by those who do not particularly enjoy intense or extreme physical activity. This does not mean, however, that golf is to be considered an activity of little physical effort: during a swing, all the muscles of the body are used and the mind is engaged with the need to calculate the trajectory starting from the power of the shot, the rotation of the body, the starting position and the atmospheric conditions at the moment, first and foremost the wind. It should not be forgotten, moreover, that a round of golf lasts an average of 4-5 hours and that in this time you cover the several kilometres that separate the 18 holes of the course. And for those who want to increase their effort and do everything themselves, remember that the bag of irons is a considerable weight to pull around the course.



Golf is also the ideal sport for nature lovers. Clubs are set in green spaces dotted with lakes that reflect the blue of the sky. Each game is enlivened by an unsurpassed soundtrack: the calls of the birds, the wind that makes the leaves of the trees flutter and even silence, which helps concentration. It should not be forgotten, moreover, that although they might be played on one course, no two games are ever the same: each season gives the player different scents and colours. It is not easy, sometimes, to have to calculate the distance of a tee shot without being distracted by the incredible beauty of the surroundings, as if they were the masterpiece of a celebrated artist.

The mix of physical activity and beautiful locations forms the basis of that feeling of diffused well-being that makes this sport perfectly suitable for a relaxing holiday.



Although located nearby, reaching the Golf Clubs involves a transfer which the Hotel Tritone takes care of directly. Reception staff can make bookings on behalf of the Guests and organise the transfer to and from the Hotel if desired.

Moreover, being our Guest will allow you to enjoy special conditions for green fees.


Below is an introduction to the three Golf Clubs associated with the Hotel Tritone:



Situated in Valsanzibio, 14 km from the Hotel, it offers a 27-hole course at the foot of the Euganean Hills. Its history dates back to 1962 and is punctuated with famous events and a succession of improvements that have led it to be considered among the 20 best Italian golf courses.

The course borders the 17th century Villa Barbarigo and winds through a park rich in rare plants of the most sought-after species, considered on a par with a true botanical garden. Players are impressed by the 8,000 trees and bushes, selected and positioned according to landscaping and technical criteria, creating an exciting course that winds through fascinating stretches of water and strategically distributed bunkers.

It is also worth remembering that the holes were designed by British architect John Harris, from the Cotton Studio in London.



Nestled in the estate of the Counts Papafava dei Carraresi, among the green and quiet woods of the Euganean Hills, it is 10 km from the Hotel Tritone. It features 18 holes inserted into a fairy-tale park designed by Giuseppe Jappelli, a well-known architect and landscape architect from Veneto, also famous for having designed and built the elegant Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua.

At the Frassanelle Golf Club, there is one of the longest holes in Europe, the 5th, also famous for its two enormous oaks. The 15th also leaves one speechless: it crosses a large lake and ends at a green enclosed in a majestic setting of trees, reminding the player that the course is set in an historic park of unrivalled beauty.



Only 8 km separate the Hotel Tritone from this golf club which has significant historical and artistic value, being a former estate of the Counts Emo Capodilista. Players can admire the 13th-century castle and the 16th-century Venetian villa of the Varotari family.

Boasting no less than 27 holes, it winds through a flat area alternating with the gentle slopes of the Euganean Hills. It is especially appreciated by lovers of typical Anglo-Saxon courses because it was designed by British architect Tom Macauley, former President of the British Association of Golf Course Architects. Precisely for this reason, the route engages and entertains both the novice and the expert, always enlivening the game with glimpses of beautiful landscapes and tranquil stretches of water, rich in fauna.



Upon return from a day of play, the spa area of the Hotel Tritone awaits Guests to round off the experience with a massage. The treatment department is open until 7:30 pm, so players do not have to worry about having to return too early or interrupt a game to take advantage of treatments.

Carried out after physical activity, sports massage has an important soothing action because it activates the circulation, warms the muscles, promotes the elimination of metabolic waste produced by sport activity and gives a pleasant sensation of well-being.

Relaxation massage is also aimed at achieving a state of total well-being. Unlike sports massage, which is a vigorous treatment, this is carried out with very gentle movements that reduce tension, releasing new energy and bringing unexpected harmony.

Originally from Thailand, Thai massage combines muscle and tendon relaxation and stretching with acupressure-based manipulation. The result is total well-being, reinvigorated by the rediscovered energy balance.

A shiatsu session provides a manual treatment performed through pressure on the body, using the network of meridians connected to the functioning of the organs. This massage of Chinese origin helps to eliminate muscle and energy blockages so that vital energy can flow freely, imparting strength and vitality.

The two oriental massages are performed by our Thai therapists.


For more information on the golf clubs associated with the Hotel Tritone, or to explore the full range of treatments available, you can write to us here or call (+39) 049 8668099