Waiting for summer while enjoing the outdoor spaces of the hotel Tritone

The warmth of spring days is an invitation to indulge the senses in the grounds of the Hotel Tritone, amidst the sweet scent of bougainvillea and hydrangeas that, day after day, glow pink and blue. Lying on deckchairs, protected by the shade of the leaves and caressed by a gentle breeze, restores the spirit and brings back that calm that the daily grind always seems to take away. Moreover, exploring every outdoor space, in and out of the thermal water, provides positive feelings and total de-stressing.



As usual, the summer season brings with it the reopening of the G&G Restaurant, which overlooks the outdoor pools. Here, every guest at the Hotel Tritone can relax in the open air and have complete freedom even during lunch, since they can also enjoy their meal in the most comfortable way: in swimming costume and bathrobe, without having to change. 

The chef offers a buffet with a wide selection of hot and cold dishes, including delicious vegetables flavoured with herbs. Also tempting are the express cuisine dishes, such as pasta with a different sauce every time, or main courses to suit all tastes. There is also no shortage of delicious desserts, such as custard tarts with seasonal fruit or the delicate coolness of homemade ice cream.

After the usual winter closure, the scenic Tropical Pool bar, centrally located in the pool of the same name, also reopens. You can reach the bar counter by wading into the pool or after an invigorating swim, and then sip a coffee or try a new cocktail while sitting on stools immersed in the thermal water which bathes the body in a warm embrace.



After a special meal featuring the unique flavours of Chef Massimo’s menu, all that remains is to be pampered by the thermal water and games in the Tropical Pool, inaugurated in 2023, and the recently renovated outdoor thermal pool with a completely new surround.

In both pools you can relax by indulging in a jacuzzi, a moment to devote to just you and your body, abandoning yourself to the swirling water. With your eyes closed, you can distinctly feel the caress of the bubbles, and the invisible and extremely healthy massage of the jets.

Out of the water, nature, in its extraordinary simplicity, awaits you. Try walking barefoot through the grounds, discovering the different fragrances and the recent new planting, in addition to the centuries-old olive trees, large shady oaks and lush oleanders. You can also enjoy some fun thanks to the bocce ball court, cornhole board and ping pong table located in the shade of the gazebo.  

As the sunlight filters through the dense treetops of the Hotel Tritone and caresses one’s skin, happiness comes gradually, nourishing the body and spirit through these unforgettable experiences.


To find your well-being in the park and thermal pools of the Hotel Tritone, you can write to us here or call (+39) 049 8668099