The Authentic Culture of our Oriental Massage Treatments

Spirit says: Find Peace and everything will fall into place.
(Anon. Proverb)

The widespread practice of oriental massage in recent years has perhaps facilitated some knowledge of the numerous benefits of these treatments. The East is a spiritual and mystical area that is rooted in the culture of holism. A living being has always been considered as a whole: a person’s value cannot be represented as a simple sum of constituent parts because it transcends them.

Following this philosophy, oriental massages are given on the understanding that the physical and spiritual parts of a being are two aspects of the same melody: consequently, the massages aim at a balance between body and mind and the harmonious well-being that can derive from it.

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Oriental massages at hotel Tritone: in the skilled hands of thai staff

Sale orientali

During an oriental massage the operator works with full respect for the guest’s body, inducing deep relaxation. Oriental techniques are of ancient derivation and carry within them a cultural imprint that Westerners cannot replicate. To preserve the full authenticity of Oriental massages, Hotel Tritone decided to employ experts from Thailand and Nepal. Wearing traditional clothing, four Thai women and an operator from Nepal will give oriental treatments, offering relaxation that is not experienced in our continent.

Immersed in exclusive environments, one can experience the wondrous atmosphere and original techniques of the Far East. Treatments include guest favourites such as Thai massage and watsu. Oriental Relax is also offered: this is a surprising sensorial path of refreshment for body and spirit that combines the best oriental treatments with relaxation at the new Arquà Petrarca SPA.

There are also lesser-known treatments, the benefits of which are equally profound, long-lasting and pleasant.

Revitalize the body with foot reflexology

This reflexology therapy derives from an ancient Oriental principle that our body is mirrored on the sole of the foot. The treatment involves a technique of stimulating the sole of the foot, at very specific points called “reflexes.” These points are capable of transmitting impulses that stimulate the various systems of the body: circulatory, nervous, digestive, glandular, sensory and reproductive.

The technique involves only use of the thumbs which, acting on the reflexes, can restore lost balance, prevent and dissolve many ailments and provide a sense of well-being and peace. The main purpose of this ancient technique lies in reducing tension and stimulating the flow of subtle energy, thus revitalizing the whole body.

Tibetan massage: depuration from stress and toxins with an ancient ritual

massaggio tibetano

According to an ancient concept of cosmology, the universe is made up of particles of four elements: air, fire, water and earth. These elements generate three moods which, in their constant and changing search for dynamic balance, determine the health of people.

Originating in the mists of time, the Tibetan massage is a complete path that aims to maintain or recover the harmony between body, mind and spirit. On this journey, bells and cymbals are used for recovering inner balance, while the body is cheered with warm oils, essences and a special synergy of salts that dissolves swelling and eliminates toxins. The massage is therefore an excellent treatment for combatting stress, promoting relaxation, draining excess fluids and eliminating toxins.

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