Godì: the incomparable aperitif with the best of the Euganean Hills

From the heart of the Euganean Hills comes a special aperitif, which can only be tasted in our area and which is made with “0 km” products. At the Hotel Tritone, the focus on local products is always very intense, so this initiative was embraced in its entirety, from concept to realisation.


The birth of Godì, the Euganean Hills aperitif

The project was conceived by the Abano Terme branch of Ascom Confcommercio with the support of Venicepromex and the municipality of Abano Terme. In addition, the initiative involved the A.B.I. Professional (the Italian Professional Barmen’s Association), A.M.I.R.A. (the local Maître Association) and the Euganean Spa Chefs’ Association.

The starting point was a series of proposals made by experts from the Professional Barmen’s Association and other technical evaluators. At the end of these tests, three aperitifs were determined to have equal merit and thus went through to the final stage. On 4 June 2022, the jury decided which of the three would be designated as the Aperitivo dei Colli Euganei (Aperitif of the Euganean Hills). Subsequently, a social media campaign began to choose a name, starting with three options (Jubè, Euganeus and Godì), at the end of which Godì, representing the “pleasure of life”, won.

The final phase planned by the creators of the initiative saw the launch of some compulsory training sessions on how to serve the aperitif, which were useful to understand the details of its creation and how to talk about the project. The Hotel Tritone’s barman has taken courses so that today Godì can appear among the drinks on the winter menu at Walter’s Bar and the Pool Bar, alongside the best local products, carefully selected together with the management.


The superlatives that give life to a glass of Godì

In its iridescent red depths, the products of local companies come together to create a character that is as unmistakable as the land of the Euganean Hills.

Here is the complete list of Godì’s ingredients:

Serprino sparkling wine produced by the Consorzio del Colli Euganei

The sparkling wines from these hills are characterised by fruity, sometimes spicy aromas and a pleasant briskness. This is all thanks to the extraordinary nature of this area of volcanic origin.

Antico, the fruit of Luxardo’s craftsmanship

The historic company based in Torreglia began back in 1821 with the production of Rosolio Maraschino. “Antico” is obtained by infusing the juice of marasca cherries matured in oak vats, enriched with carefully chosen herbs and spices. 

Luxardo Bitter Bianco, perfect for aroma and colour

The starting point for this bitter is the same as for the classic red bitter. What makes it special is the blending process, which turns the product ivory in colour, and an infusion of Roman wormwood, which enhances its bitter taste.

Laurus Nobilis, the exquisite rarity from the Ristorante La Montanella

This liqueur is the brainchild of Biancarosa, a central figure in the kitchen of Ristorante La Montanella. Starting with the story that attributes the invention of Rosolio to the physician Michele Savonarola, Biancarosa invented the liqueur “Laurus Nobilis” (the botanical name for the bay tree), which is made from the infusion of bay or laurel berries.

Brodo di Arquà Petrarca from Azienda Agricola Scarpon

Brodo di Arquà is also an original liqueur, distinguished by its characteristic sweet flavour and intense aroma. Production is artisanal and uses a typical product of the Euganean Hills, jujubes, to which quinces, pomegranate, grapes and lemon peel are then added.


The skilful mix of these exceptional ingredients produces Godì, an aperitif in which the unique flavours of the Euganean Hills blend to perfection, creating a totally new and exciting experience.


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