Erbario Toscano: unique aroma at the Hotel Tritone

Guests who come back often enough are now able to recognise the essence which characterises a holiday at the Hotel Tritone. However, those who choose us for the first time can notice it during their stay, and they’ll end up associating this particular aroma with the feeling of relaxation which they feel in the Hotel.

The scent which can be smelled in various parts of our building is one of the essences of Erbario Toscano, a brand of natural fragrances which recall the scents, colours and atmospheres of the Tuscany region.

Erbario Toscano: a wealth of aromas

The perfumes of this brand are characterised by their unique artisanal refinement, capable of expressing themselves through the particular essences of the Tuscan landscape and region. Furthermore, the packaging and glass bottles are produced in complete respect for the environment, which is a very important detail for the Management of the Hotel Tritone.

Salis, the scent of the Hotel Tritone

The ambient aroma which Guests can smell in the Hotel is contained in glass vases located in the hall, in the smoking room, in the Spa reception and in the central table located in the space in front of the hairdressing salon.

It is a delicate fragrance which was chosen by the manager Walter Poli together with Miriam, the manager of the Hotel boutique and other members of the staff. The aromas it releases are reminiscent of the sun, the sea and the Mediterranean scrubland. In fact, the aquatic top note is given by seaweed, helichrysum and Mediterranean myrtle. The aromatic body note is composed of thyme and blue chamomile. Finally, the woody after note is created by musk, patchouli, cedar wood and vanilla. The name of this perfume is Salis. 

Our Guests’ favourite fragrances

Salis is one of the best-selling fragrances in the Hotel boutique. Probably precisely because it evokes the memories of the carefree moments spent in our facility in the minds of our most loyal customers.

However, there are other perfumes from Erbario Toscano which are also highly appreciated:

  • Bacche di Tuscia, with fresh and fruity notes to which floral, woody and oriental aromas are added;
  • Sinfonia di Spezie, or the essence which makes the atmosphere magical, thanks to cinnamon, ginger, vetiver, vanilla, incense and myrrh;
  • Cuore di Pepe Nero, the king of spices which gives energy, tone and vitality;
  • Classico, an old-fashioned encounter between bergamot, petitgrain and cedar wood.

In our Boutique and with Miriam’s help, you can try out all the available fragrances and choose the home or personal scent which best reflects you. 


To smell the scent of the Hotel Tritone and book your next stay,  you can write here or call (+39) 049 8668099.