The “Safe Welcome Programme” at the Hotel Tritone in Abano Terme

Too much time has passed since we could move freely around Italy, Europe and the world, for pleasure or work. Now that the scientific data allow it, a period of holiday and relaxation at the spa will help us to regain energy to face the challenges that the restart presents. A holiday that we all dream of, and which today can only be of the highest level of safety in all respects.

For this reason, in response to the requirements received from the relevant authorities, our team of doctors at the Spa Centre has developed the Safe Welcome Programme with the support of qualified and certified professionals. This is a set of procedures that ensure the protection of all our Guests and our staff in every environment and activity of the Hotel. The objective of the Safe Welcome Programme is to ensure that every person who comes to the Hotel can feel and be as safe as, or even more than, at home. This is possible thanks to a monitoring, sanitising and organisational programme that eliminates health risks in every area.

The Safe Welcome Programme, which has already been activated to prepare for the reopening on 5 June 2020, provides for wide-ranging measures, which can be grouped into four main areas:

1. Staff training

The first real bulwark in defence of our health is how each of us behaves in every environment. For this reason, our personnel, already highly specialised in their usual tasks, have been further trained for the purpose. The entire staff has received training for this new modified operation. They have all been given copies of the Safe Welcome Programme guidelines which must be scrupulously adhered to, copies of the specific regulations that govern each area of activity of the Hotel and, finally, numerous kits of certified Personal Protective Equipment, specific to each operational department, for their protection and that of Guests.

Moreover, daily continuous monitoring of the staff has been implemented through measurement of each employee’s body temperature every time they enter and leave the hotel, and different action procedures have been planned and tested to be triggered in all possible scenarios.

2. Checks on guests

The second level of defence and security is provided by checks on Guests. In order not to violate their privacy or disturb Visitors, at the entrance of the Hotel we have installed a high-technology infrared camera for remote temperature detection. This will allow us to monitor compliance with the established parameters constantly and in real-time, with greater assurance and safety for each Guest.

As for the conduct to be maintained inside the Hotel, it will be extensively explained verbally to each Visitor, supported by appropriate documentation in all languages, and indicated with visible instructions in the relevant places. All areas have been equipped with the appropriate hand sanitising dispensers, which we ask you to use frequently from now on.

We request the collaboration of each and every one of us to preserve the health of all. As always – calmly, politely and discreetly.

3. Sanitising of all areas of the hotel

The third line of defence is a proactive disinfection procedure. A constant daily sanitising regime has been planned for all areas of the Hotel, with particular regard to the cleanliness and hygiene of the common areas. Every surface will be disinfected several times a day, according to parameters agreed with the relevant authorities, using specially certified detergents.

With regard to the areas of the Spa Centre and wellness departments, the use of disposable products and protections and the constant disinfection of all surfaces and work tools are guaranteed, with even more care than ever.

Particular attention will be paid to the daily sanitising of the bedrooms, which represent the most intimate and personal spaces of your holiday. Before the arrival of each Guest, a sequence of cleaning and disinfection actions will be initiated to ensure the cleanliness of the area. These procedures will be repeated daily during the Guest’s stay, through the intervention of highly qualified personnel equipped with all the necessary protections to ensure prevention of any transmission.

We would also like to point out that the carpeting has been removed from all the rooms of the Hotel, which allows an even higher level of disinfection.

Finally, as everyone can well imagine, a hotel like the Tritone has many service areas that are inaccessible by, and often unknown to, the public. These spaces will be treated with the same care as the common areas, therapeutic areas and bedrooms. We want to ensure the same degree of security for our employees, and make sure that every corner of our Hotel is 100% healthy.

4. Organisation of spaces

The last level of defence that we provide for Guests is achieved by the configuration of the Hotel, which is spread over a very large area. It can therefore satisfy, without altering its structure, the constraints of social distancing that science has made us aware of and that smaller properties will find it difficult to achieve.

It will thus be possible for each of our Guests to have their own intimate and personal spaces, reserved for the entire duration of their stay, and thus avoid contact with visitors from other families.

Specifically, we would like to list:

  • THE DINING AREA: the area of the Dining Room is 800 square metres. Also of 800 square metres is the indoor Lounge. In addition to these spaces, there is the vast outdoor bar area equipped with tables and armchairs, providing an overall area that ensures the correct distance between tables and people.
  • THE SPA TREATMENT AND WELLNESS AREA: the Spa and Wellness Centre covers an area of 2,000 square metres, variously subdivided, while the new Arquà Petrarca Spa covers a further 300 square metres.
  • THE POOLS: our pools have titanic dimensions, with a connected indoor/outdoor swimming pool of 400 square metres and a completely outdoor one of 650 square metres, both equipped with water games, whirlpools, hydro-bikes, pools and Japanese circuits, spaces and corners among which you can find your own exclusive place to belong. It is important to remember, however, that the chlorine normally present in the water for normal sanitisation is a guarantee of total purification. No virus or bacteria can survive or propagate. The swimming pools are the safest place to take refuge.
  • THE INTERNAL RELAXATION AREA: next to the swimming pools there is an indoor relaxation area of more than 1,300 square metres, equipped with sun loungers placed at an “extra-large” distance.
  • THE GROUNDS: the pride of the Hotel Tritone are the huge grounds of 30,000 square metres, which surround the outdoor swimming pools and are at the Guests’ disposal. Today, more than ever, these gardens are a treasure to be managed with the utmost care. Beds and sun umbrellas will be placed at distances that go well beyond any regulatory provisions, and can be reserved for the exclusive use of each family for the duration of the holiday period.

The huge size of our resort is therefore an additional guarantee of the safety we want to offer our Guests.

We are confident that our efforts and the collaboration of all the Staff and Guests of the Hotel will guarantee a level of safety of which we can be proud, and you can be sure.

For more information and details of our Safe Welcome Programme, you can write to us here or call (+39) 049 8668099.