Rare and beautiful flowers: the gift for those who choose the Monte Ceva trail in spring

The Euganean Hills are a unique and extraordinary place, and Hotel Tritone has often described the paths that branch out from the heights, advising its guests on the best routes according to the objective of the excursion, physical ability and the season. For those who stay at the Hotel Tritone during spring months, we thoroughly recommend the Monte Ceva trail, one of the richest areas of all the hills in terms of plant species, featuring rare plants and flowers.

The unique habitat of Mount Ceva

What is special about this part of the Euganean Hills are first and foremost the rocks. We find latite, a rock rich in iron minerals, and rhyolite, also present in the form of tuff and perlite. There is also an inimitable microclimate, which is why the flora of the Monte Ceva group is extraordinarily rich, different from other areas of the Euganean Hills, and also different from many other areas in the Veneto region.

A rainbow of flowers that lasts throughout the spring and part of the summer

Colourful campanulas and delicate lilies can be admired along almost the entire route up to the summit of Monte Ceva. The Phoenician mullein stands out with the deep purple and yellow colour of its flowers, while the cistus covers the turf in white, almost like snow.

As you approach the cliffs, you will notice the red flowers of the tree heath, which introduce the true protagonists of the entire path: the Sempervivum arachnoideum and the Opuntia stricta. The former is a succulent perennial plant whose geometry never ceases to amaze. In late spring it colours the rocks with beautiful dark pink flowers. Opuntia stricta, on the other hand, is a cacti similar to the prickly pear, and produces yellow flowers as early as May.

Trail features

The Monte Ceva trail starts from Battaglia Terme and continues in a loop (this is why it is also called ‘Horseshoe’). 

It alternates between flat stretches and some steeper ones. Upon reaching the summit, the panorama leaves even regular visitors speechless. Here you can marvel at the ridges of the Euganean Hills, the thermal spa area of Abano and Montegrotto and, if the day is particularly clear, even the Venice lagoon.

The descent is not demanding and also offers some interesting detours before returning to the starting point. You can admire the ruins of the ancient monastery of S. Maria delle Croci, probably founded by the Lords of Carrara in the 13th century.

To experience the trail and its flowers during your stay at the Hotel Tritone, make a reservation by writing to us here or calling (+39) 049 8668099.