Euganean Hills: a world of experiences to enjoy

The Euganean Hills are unmistakable, whether one admires them from the lowlands or glimpses them from the window of an aeroplane. The sharp peaks impose themselves on the Padua area without reaching great heights, as if to draw attention to themselves, but without exaggeration. And yet, they would deserve as much visibility as the Dolomites if the comparison were based on the number of beauties, wonders and places to visit

Guests who regularly stay at the Hotel Tritone are well aware of this, and so is the entire reception staff, who direct new guests to these beautiful places when requested. 

“When a guest asks us what to do nearby during their stay, we can suggest a myriad of different experiences,” says Luca, head of reception at the Hotel Tritone. “The Euganean Hills allow us to choose from countless activities, and so we can offer the guest the perfect, tailor-made experience“.

Cycling tours for everyone, relishing the air of the hills

Cycling trails are the routes that most attract Hotel Tritone guests. Many bring their own bicycles, while others rent mountain bikes and electric bikes, taking advantage of the special rates offered by the reception staff (city bikes, on the other hand, are provided directly at the Hotel).  In addition, Tritone guests can use the special garage in our facility to store their bikes and carry out basic maintenance and washing.

Regardless of the bike used or the experience and skill of each person, the hills offer routes for everyone

The Euganean loop, for example, is perfect for those who are used to going on the road, while the routes to the Roman baths are ideal for those looking for something simple. In addition to these, we also recommend the route from Torreglia to Arquà Petrarca, the tour of the Sanctuaries of the Euganean Hills or the cycle path to Monselice.

Very often Luca suggests bike routes to customers that he has tried himself, thus sharing his passion with those who also love to ride on two wheels.

Walking routes to fill your eyes with wonder

Trails abound in the Euganean Hills Park: there are about twenty official ones which vary in length and altitude. The Hotel Tritone team talks about this in the ‘Luxury Experience’ newspaper, which is distributed to all guests at breakfast. 

Here on the blog, we have also discussed the roads that run through Arquà Petrarca, the path to the Hermitage of Monte Rua, and the second stage of the Cammino di Sant’Antonio (from Padua to Monselice).

Villas, castles and places of worship: the pearls of the Hills

Among the green woods and the gentle hills and vales, historical and religious wonders emerge that tell of events and lives set in different historical moments. Towers and castles appear everywhere, such as in Battaglia Terme with its famous Castello del Catajo

There are over forty villas, all of them picturesque, such as Villa Barbarigo or Villa Vescovi. There are also many churches, monasteries and sanctuaries, such as the famous Praglia Abbey or the Monastery of San Daniele.

Finally, there are also interesting museums, breathtaking viewpoints, ancient archaeological excavations, monuments, nature areas and rural buildings, many of which are unknown even to those who live within walking distance of the Hills!

To find your perfect Euganean Hills experience, you can book your next stay at the Hotel Tritone by writing to us here or by calling (+39) 049 8668099.