Ayurveda Terra Cielo, the massage which relaxes you from head to toe

Guests of the Hotel Tritone can take advantage of the experience and expertise of three therapists specialised in Ayurveda.

It’s precisely on the basis of this traditional holistic medicine, one of the most widespread and ancient, that one of the oriental treatments (as well as the Tibetan massage) offered in our Wellness Spa was born: Ayurveda Terra Cielo (Heaven and Earth).

Relax yourself from head to toe

The saying “from head to toe” finds its complete fulfilment in this oriental philosophy and above all in this treatment, the aim of which is to rebalance the body and mind by acting simultaneously on the two extremities of a person: the head and the feet.

The two phases of relaxation

The Guest is made to lie down on the bed and, if they want, can listen to a brief introduction to the treatment explained by the therapist.

The head, or the sky

We then proceed with the oiling of the head (shirodara) with a thin thread of warm sesame oil, enriched with essences, which is dripped onto the forehead area where – according to tradition – is where we can find the “third eye” or the sixth chakra.

The essences which make it up are not the same for everyone but reflect the three vital forces of the organism (dosha): Vata (space and air), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (water and earth). The therapist will choose the most suitable essence for the Guest.

Immediately after the oiling, we proceed with a relaxing massage which involves the head, shoulders and neck. Afterwards, the Guest is left to rest.

The feet, or the earth

We then continue with the foot massage which takes place following the principles of plantar reflexology, i.e. a technique of stimulating the sole of the foot, in very specific points called reflexes. So this massage allows you to rebalance the lower chakras.

Once this phase is completed, the Guest sits on the bed and in this position a further massage is performed on the cervical area.

The whole treatment takes 55 minutes.

The Benefits of the Heaven and Earth Ayurveda

People who go through this treatment appreciate it precisely for the feeling of peace and wellbeing it instills. Massages and essences allow the most remote corners of the mind and body to calm down, relax and rebalance. The Heaven and Earth Ayurveda can also be a great help in combating migraines, insomnia and physical and mental stress. 


To experience the benefits of the Heaven and Earth Ayurveda on your body, you can write here or call (+39) 049 8668099.