Massages at Hotel Tritone: 5 oriental wellness experiences

Oriental massages have an important goal: psychophysical well-being. There is no distinction between body, mind, and spirit: each treatment aims to provide total and gratifying relief, at any time of the year. Even during the warm months, it is advisable to take advantage of the benefits of these treatments.

Wanting to offer our guests an incomparable stay, we have welcomed 3 Thai masseuses (Mint, Kitty, and Tak) and a Nepalese masseuse (Raji) into our team. They are experienced professionals and, above all, have a perfect knowledge of oriental disciplines. Alongside them, a team of Italian professionals completes the offer in all wellness areas of the hotel.

For the lucky guests of the Hotel Tritone, there is a carnet full of treatments: 5 types of massages born and applied in different oriental countries and 5 different treatments that are part of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine (which will be deepened in the next article).


Shiatsu: slow relaxing movements to stimulate vital energy

Of remote Chinese origin, and then applied for years in Japan, shiatsu is a massage performed mainly with finger pressure.  By identifying the meridian network that connects the functioning of all organs, light pressure is applied where the practitioner detects a muscular or energetic blockage. By promoting circulation, the treatment gives strength and vitality.


Watsu: the freedom to surrender to the warmth of the water

It is often mistakenly thought to be a mere transposition of Shiatsu into water. Watsu, on the other hand, is an autonomous, established, and comprehensive discipline.

The water in our thermal pools gushes out at a temperature of between 32° and 36°, and it is in this restful environment that the practitioner performs stretching and acupressure movements that release all tension, thanks also to the ‘anti-gravity’ effect of the water.


Thai: a crescendo of sensations culminating in the elimination of stress

To free each person from stress, no Thai massage will be the same. The practitioner, who is of Thai origin like the treatment itself, acts taking into account the morphology and age of the person and, through studied stretching movements, increases the intensity of the activity as the massage proceeds.

This is an energetic and relaxing massage that aims to restore psychophysical balance.

Stone Therapy: the soothing warmth of stones placed on the body

The protagonists of this massage are special volcanic stones that are heated just before the treatment. Based on his knowledge, the operator places them at precise points on the body to provide a pleasant feeling of relaxation. These are seven points where the vital energies reside, and thanks to the stones, they are reactivated, releasing all tension.


Tibetan massage: pure serenity from ancestral theories

The archaic origins of this massage are known to most, but what is perhaps less well known is the cosmological conception from which it derives: a thought that starts from the four elements of the universe and arrives at the three humours of the state of health. The aim is to rebalance body, mind, and spirit through bells and cymbals, warm and aromatic oils, and detoxifying salts.

The guest who undergoes this treatment feels a restful sensation resulting from the deep purification of toxins, as we wrote in this other article dedicated to oriental massages.

All oriental massages are performed by Hotel Tritone professionals in the wellness areas and can also be experienced as a couple. Before choosing a massage, it is advisable to seek advice from your spa doctor or practitioner to ensure that you receive the most suitable treatment.


To try our oriental massages and book your next stay at the Hotel Tritone, you can write here or call (+39) 049 8668099