Salmon in three textures, and sparkling wine

Each dish is a journey that leads to an unexplored universe of taste. Our itinerary takes us through the second-course fish dish we present today, sublimely touching on three stages that are as different as they are refined: the three different textures of salmon.There is the soft, moist texture of fresh fish, the inevitable aromatic texture of marinated fish and, to conclude, the creamy caviar. Enriching the itinerary are field vegetables and the scent of wine from the Euganean Hills: the perfect destination for this delicious tour from the sea to the Veneto hinterland. 

Stay right here and taste the panache of the wine that the Hotel Tritone  Sommelier recommends pairing with salmon. The label is from the Cantina dei Colli Euganei, which offers a vintage, extra-dry, rosé prosecco that is ideal for this dish.


How the pairing comes about

 The method is explained by the Sommelier himself: “Pairing a wine with a dish also means knowing understanding the characteristics of the latter. The dish has substantial flavour and is medium/high fat; it has a pleasant oiliness, a notable aroma, and good taste/olfactory persistence. The ideal wine for this dish is therefore soft and slightly tending to sweet, which compensates for the flavour and bitter nuance of the salmon prepared by our Chef.”

The oiliness of the fish is therefore well-balanced by the acidity and effervescence of the prosecco rosé. The aromaticity of the dish, with its persistent flavour and scent, pairs perfectly with the characteristics of this particular sparkling wine; the wine lends  delicious harmony   to the already perfectly balanced gourmet course.


The quality of the Social Cellar of the Euganean Hills 

Finally, just as the dish wants to pay homage to the Euganean Hills, so the wine was chosen by a producer of the same territory In this case, a social winery which holds its own among other winemakers. The Cantina Sociale dei Colli Euganei has a long history; it is impeccably organized, and is modelled on the wineries of Trentino Alto Adige. Its quality is very high, as confirmed by awards from oenologists and tasters.

At the end of this journey, as usual, we reveal the recipe created by the Hotel Tritone Chef – so that you can complete this taste itinerary even in your own kitchen.



Salmon in three textures (fresh, marinated and caviar), field chard stewed with extra virgin olive oil and Serprino dei Colli Euganei reduction



150 grams of fresh salmon

10 grams of salmon caviar

10 grams of smoked salmon

50 grams of fresh chard

50 grams of potatoes

salt and pepper to taste

extra-virgin olive oil




Marinate the salmon 3 days before preparing the recipe. The marinade consists in leaving the salmon to marinate in a solution of salt, sugar and aromas for 3 days.

Clean the salmon fillet: remove the skin and any bones. Heat a pan, oil it and brown the salmon fillet in it. Season with salt and pepper, taking care to brown the salmon on all its sides. 

Steam the potatoes, previously cut into thin slices, then sauté them in a pan with a drizzle of oil.

Quickly sear the fresh chard in a pan with a drop of oil and adjust to taste.

Slice the marinated salmon. 

Take the seared salmon and place the potatoes and chard on top, add the marinated salmon and salmon roe. Garnish with a dill leaf, a strip of squid ink and a crunchy waffle.


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