Medical Spa and Wellness Area: places of wellbeing

Hotel Tritone is the perfect destination for those who want to devote the utmost attention to their health and psychophysical wellbeing. The stay allows Guests with certain illness or health problems to experience rehabilitation or a treatment path in order to make them feeling better. At the same time, customers with minor daily ailments or those who simply want to pamper themselves can choose from various non-therapeutic massages and quality beauty treatments.


Medical Spa: spa treatments and complementary therapies

Guests who want to conduct thermal treatments must make an appointment with our thermal Spa doctor, Dr Forestan Francesca, because the medical examination is mandatory to verify the health condition of the patient and also to identify precisely the best terapy based on the affected area.

Depending on each person’s needs, a decision is then made on the course of treatment during their stay, which may include:

  • fangobalneotherapy, carried out with mud from the Euganean Hills thermal area, matured in the pools at Hotel Tritone (here you can read about the three phases of this therapy: mud bath, ozone bath and therapeutic massage);
  • physiotherapy, which is even more effective when combined with thermal treatments;
  • tecar therapy, which aims to reduce pain by stimulating energy within the biological tissues; 
  • hydrokinesitherapy, which is physiotherapy carried out in water, designed to facilitate movement during rehabilitation;
  • rehabilitation gymnastics, which is carried out in the special gymnasium with specific equipment and the supervision of Hotel Tritone’s physiotherapists.

All spa operators and professionals are constantly developing new skills and standardise protocols for each therapy and treatment.

Aesthetics and wellness to feel good

Guests interested in beauty treatments can go directly to the wellness area reception and ask for advice on how to book a wellness moment, or schedule a facial cleansing, which generally always precedes any other beauty treatment. Alternatively, you can consult the brochure that explains in detail everything you can do for the well-being of your body.

We offer, for example, Oriental wellness experiences, which are based on Ayurveda; the Kamadeva Spa path, designed for couples; the beauty treatment with herbal thermal mud, which gives peace and relaxation; the anti-stain treatment Linea Chic Pelle, carried out with Farmogal products.

Here, too, each operator attends various training courses to standardise aesthetic protocols and keep abreast of the latest developments in the wellness world.

To try Hotel Tritone’s treatments, massages and cures, book your next stay by writing to us here or calling (+39) 049 8668099