The authentic taste of oil from the Euganean Hills for Hotel Tritone guests

The Veneto region, and in particular the area surrounded by the Euganean Hills, has a priceless food and wine heritage: wherever you look, you’ll find high-quality products, often made by small firms that focus their efforts on a single activity, with excellent results.

General Manager Walter Poli, together with Chef Massimo, invests a significant part of his time in researching these companies and their products. 

This was how he identified the Frantoio di Cornoleda, nestled among the gentle slopes of the Euganean Hills in the village of Cinto Euganeo, the recipient of many international awards for the quality of the oils it produces. Some of these are used by the Chef in the kitchen as he prepares dishes for Hotel Tritone guests.



The selection of oils available for the Chef and staff in the dining room to use includes both a special extra virgin olive oil and a variety of flavoured oils.

Our guests’ favourite is Blend, an extra virgin olive oil with a balanced flavour, neither too bitter nor too spicy, with hints of artichoke and grass, and an aftertaste of sweet almonds. It is excellent both raw and cooked, especially with vegetables and pasta dishes, both crucial parts of traditional Italian cuisine and the Hotel Tritone’s menu.

A selection of flavoured oils is also available, to excite guests’ palates: truffle oil, chilli oil, basil oil, and olive oil — all produced by Frantoio di Cornoleda.

All of these precious olive products are so enjoyed by diners that they are often requested as souvenirs. So the Hotel Tritone boutique offers the opportunity to purchase the much-loved Blend oil and the Green Selection oil, an extra virgin oil with a balanced, non-aggressive taste, light-medium fruitiness, and green notes of freshly-cut grass. Also available is a wooden case containing Frantoio oils and a selection of sophisticated accessories, a perfect gift carefully created by the producers themselves, with whom the General Manager shares a passion and respect for nature.



The choice of this institution is a smart one, born from a shared objective: to appreciate and respect the local land. This vision, shared by Walter Poli and the owners of Frantoio di Cornoleda, translates into concrete actions. The oil producers, for example, protect some ancient native olive varieties, including the matosso, a monovariety of excellence. They also focus on organic farming and invest in preservative-free products, to safeguard the local land, which offers so much in terms of special products.

This vision corresponds with “Tritone for life“, the name for the set of actions that the General Manager undertakes to safeguard nature, including the care of the Parco, a huge area that provides space for many forms of plant life. 

To try the fine oils in the Chef’s dishes and book your next stay at the Hotel Tritone, write to us here or call us on (+39) 049 866 8099.