How a mud therapy session is carried out – Chapter 2

To introduce guests to the benefits of mud therapy, we have set up a mud-balneotherapy circuit in the dedicated treatment rooms at the Hotel Tritone, where our staff work every day for the well-being of our guests.


In the first chapter of this story, we talked about the preparatory phase, before beginning the therapy, and the moment when the mud is expertly spread on the skin of the guest and left in place for the necessary length of time.

In this second part, we will look at the details of the next two phases of the session at the Hotel Tritone: the mud removal and the ozone bath.


Mud removal

This phase begins with the so-called “opening“: the moment when the operator removes the oilskin, wool blanket and hemp cloth that were carefully placed over the mud-covered patient in the previous phase.

Next, the operator checks the temperature of the shower and the thermal water in the tub where the ozone bath will take place. The shower must be at a temperature of less than 37°C, which is essential to ensure that blood circulation is restored. The temperature of the bath, on the other hand, should be between 36°C and 38°C.

At this point the actual mud removal can begin: the operator cleans the mud off the guest’s body. This mud will be recycled and undergo a sterilisation and conditioning process before it can be used again. In this phase, the removal follows the direction of blood flow. Each movement is performed for a specific purpose and there is a defined sequence to follow, from the feet to the shoulders. 

The operator keeps the guest seated for a few seconds. Then she helps the client to get up very slowly, to keep the blood pressure stable, and guides them into the shower and invites them to assume a relaxed position. Here, the mud is washed off the guest with thermal water, directing the jet from top to bottom and starting at the neck and continuing down to the feet. When the mud is completely washed away, the operator escorts the guest to the ozone bath.


The ozone bath

Ozone has a purifying function because it acts on the blood circulation, oxygenating it. The bath is a pleasant and relaxing experience, during which one can feel the micro-bubbles gently massaging the body.

The ozone bath lasts 12 to 15 minutes: during this time, to assist relaxation, the Hotel Tritone’s tub lights up in different colours, according to the principles of colour therapy

After the appropriate time has elapsed, the guest gets out of the bath and, dressed in a bathrobe, leaves the mud therapy suite. After making sure the Guest is comfortable, the operator informs them of the end of the second phase and the start of the third and last, the therapeutic massage, which will be explained in our next chapter.


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