Tecartherapy, what it is and why it represents the best physiotherapy in the treatment of trauma and inflammation

Physiotherapy has long been open to innovative therapies, providing they are scientifically proven and valid. This is with a view to improving the effects of treatments, giving relief and integrating a mindset of prevention.

Tecartherapy is a rehabilitative and antalgic physiotherapeutic (ie capable of reducing pain) treatment which stimulates energy from within the biological tissues . This activates the natural reparation and anti-inflammatory processes. This therapy guarantees excellent results for different types of trauma and pain; a great many people apply it for this reason.


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Relief and care for many ailments: for whom is Tecar therapy beneficial?

Tecartherapy offers immediate, effective and lasting response to different types of problems. Suitable and recommended for recovery from acute and chronic osteoarticular and muscular inflammatory diseases, from trauma of any type, and also for stress relief.

With its new physiotherapeutic approach, Tecartherapy is a reference point in the world of high-level sports – however, it can help anyone at any age. Tecartherapy has, for example, extraordinary effects in the early treatment of all non-surgical osteoarticular and muscular issues such as lower back pain, neck pain, muscle injuries and sprains, as well as in post-surgical rehabilitation.

Anila, our SPA Manager, explains why there are no treatments to match this one.

Tecar acts where manual therapy cannot go. It is acts best on certain types of trauma because of its deep anti-inflammation action in areas that could not otherwise be reached. Our qualified physiotherapists are able to identify specific forms of inflammation that could not be circumscribed with other treatments.


How Tecartherapy works

Tecar uses a device based on the physical principle of the capacitor: this is able to generate heat within the pertinent anatomical area. During treatment the therapist massages the area with hot knobs which act on deep inflammation.

It is a therapy based on heat (thermotherapy), but has a particular feature that renders it different from other treatments such as laser therapy. Indeed, unlike traditional therapies that apply energy from outside the body, Tecar recalls electric charges from the whole body to induce the production of heat from inside it (endogenous heat). It is precisely in this way that the deeper layers can be stimulated.

Tissue stimulation reduces pain immediately, increases circulation with vasodilation, reduces contractions and facilitates oedema absorption. With its excellent results guaranteed in a very short time, Tecar can be applied alongside manual or other therapies for complete pain relief and deep healing.


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