The aromatic warmth of the Mediterranean Bath

The warm, unseen embrace that envelops the entire body is the first beneficial effect that every guest feels as soon as they cross the threshold of the Mediterranean Bath in the Arquà Petrarca Spa. This feeling of gentle, soft warmth, which is very pleasurable in itself, is not the only benefit this experience offers.



The gentle well-being of the Mediterranean Bath at the Hotel Tritone

The Mediterranean Bath has a constant temperature between 45 °C and 50 °C and a humidity level between 55%-65%. The sense of smell is stimulated by the aromas wafting through the room: English rose and passion flower. Enlivened by the positive thoughts that the essences evoke, guests sit on the side seats and relax thanks to the radiant heat, which has its first effects on the body.

Spending time in the Mediterranean Bath can, first and foremost, encourage the elimination of metabolic waste and excess fluid. Benefits also include balancing the sleep-wake rhythm and a firming effect on the skin. In addition, a prolonged stay, encouraged by the controlled temperatures, allows the elimination of adipose accumulations and regains psycho-physical well-being.

At the end of this soothing break, an anti-stress massage is recommended as the muscles are still warm and a Farmogal thin-layer treatment is ideal to take advantage of the porosity of the skin, which is still dilated from the stay in the Mediterranean Bath.


An instrument of well-being known since the days of ancient Rome

The Mediterranean Bath has its origins in the history of spas created by the ancient Romans. These ingenious people used their knowledge to create the first spa model, the principles of which are still used today.

In ancient Rome, an ingenious heating system was developed – the hypocaust, a construction that allowed hot air to circulate under the floors and in the wall cavities of a room. This air came from a large furnace and rose through brick ducts that then heated the special cavities. 

Their ingenious insight was to discover that brick is a material that absorbs heat and releases it slowly, allowing the baths to be heated even when the fire that fed the boiler went out.

Radiant heat is now redesigned and rethought in modern spas, as in the Mediterranean Bath at the Hotel Tritone.

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