Tibetan massage: a delicate and powerful treatment for body and soul

When we think of a massage, the images and sensations that our mind evokes are classic ones of a bed on which to lie down, an operator who knows how to relax the muscles of the body, and the sensation of pleasant lightness that one feels at the end of the treatment. 

However, not all massages are the same, and some can provide unique and unforgettable experiences.



Among the oriental massages available at Hotel Tritone, the Tibetan treatment stands out for the sacredness that permeates the whole experience. Raji, one of our operators, has specialized in this type of massage. The massage offers a unique experience, an encounter with Tibetan culture that can be compared to a fleeting trip to Tibet itself.

To fully understand the value of this treatment it is necessary to explain its premise. Ancient oriental cosmology identifies four elements of which the universe is composed: air, fire, water, and earth. These elements generate three moods which in turn – in their constant and changing search for a dynamic equilibrium – determine the  state of health of people. 

The Tibetan massage is  an unprecedented experience as it  is specifically customized to respond to the guest’s identified mood and corresponding need.


Once you lie down on the bed, you immediately perceive the  regenerative atmosphere  in which you are immersed. The feeling of being transported to another dimension accompanies the guest to the end of the treatment.

Raji intones  Tibetan prayers  which are intended to dispel all tension, all the negativities that have incarnated in the body and spirit and which are often latent and imperceptible.

Raji’s melodious and enthralling singing then gives way to the sound of  Tibetan bells.  The notes seem to come out of these ancient instruments as if they were thrown at crazy speed into the room but were immediately slowed down by the mystical atmosphere, as if they were met with soft cotton. This slow acceleration of sounds soon fills the room and to this is added the tinkling of the bell, another traditional instrument that is thought to be indispensable for removing all tension and regaining balance.

In this restful dimension, light years away from any form of stress, the massage begins, involving the whole body. After having  purified the room  with water, Raji selects the  aromatic oil  based on the mood of the guest undergoing the treatment. This special ointment is massaged all over the body, thus perfuming the whole room and permeating the quiet and ethereal dimension created in the meantime. The  total relaxation  of each muscle and the deeply breathed aroma lead the guest into authentic relaxation,  as if every problem were cancelled by the immensity of the spiritual world.


At the end of the treatment, each guest experiences  diverse sensations  that arise from the different characteristics of each one. However, there is a feeling that all those who have indulged in the Tibetan massage share: the pleasure of having experienced  a moment of ancestral well-being  that was delicate and powerful at the same time.

To try the Tibetan massage experience, you can book a stay at Hotel Tritone by writing here or by calling (+39)  049 8668099