What is involved in a thermal mud-balneotherapy session at Hotel Tritone – chapter 1

Abano Terme thermal mud is a natural resource that, with patented use, has powerful positive effects on the body: mud therapy can help to fight certain diseases and tackle a number of health problems. However, in addition to the  benefits of  mud, there is much more to a mud-balneotherapy session.


Every spa facility session is run according to general technical-therapeutic modalities that are dictated by medical protocols. Nevertheless, certain details render each session different; at Hotel Tritone the sessions stand out for their differences.  

There are certain details within the session that ensure our Guests are specially cared for.         We reveal some of these details in the chapters of the story that follows, for the benefit of those who have never undergone a mud-balneotherapy session at Hotel Tritone and those who are curious to  find out about this treatment.



The mud carrier brings the correct amount of mud needed for the session (40-45 kg) from outside to inside the hotel and empties it onto the treatment bed.

 The professional therapist is a certified Thermal Assistance Operator who is required to update their certification annually. The Thermal Assistance Operator  mixes the mud  placed on the treatment bed to bring it to the correct temperature (42° – 45° approximately) and consistency.

In the meantime, the Guest is notified with a  phone call  15 minutes before the scheduled time, so that they can calmly make their way to the spa. Entering the dressing room, the Guest is  greeted with a smile, invited to sit, and always put at ease. 

Applying mud to the body

Before the start of the mud therapy cycle, the Guest is examined by the Thermal Spa Doctor. The therapist will always adhere to the  doctor’s prescription  to define the therapeutic procedure and establish whether it is to be a partial or total mud therapy and to exclude any areas of the body that the doctor has asked not to treat.

The therapist then moulds the mud on the treatment bed into the correct shape, following precise rules that were defined and learned during specialization and refresher courses. These rules establish, for instance,   the quantities of mud to be used for each area of the body and the order in which to treat those areas.

Before inviting the Guest onto the treatment bed, the therapist spreads a  thin layer of mud on their back  to prepare the body for contact with the hot mud placed on the bed: this is because each person has different levels of heat tolerance and everything must take place in the greatest possible peace.

The Guest is invited to lie down and the mud is applied to the entire body and joints, leaving the head, chest, and one of the two arms (which is placed on the chest) free. 

Subsequently, the Guest is  covered  first with a hemp and cotton cloth and then with a wool blanket and an oilcloth to retain the warmth of the mud.



The duration of this first phase of therapy is also established by the spa doctor and can vary between  15 and 20 minutes.  During this period of time, the therapist checks on the Guest several times, always making sure his  psychophysical conditions are good,  and wiping the sweat that normally forms on the face.


That is the end of the first chapter on mud-balneotherapy sessions at Hotel Tritone. The next appointment will focus on removing the mud, and on the ozone bath.


To experience the benefits of thermal mud on your body, you can  write here  or call (+39)  049 8668099.