Hydrokinesitherapy at Hotel Tritone: physical exercise in water for the well-being of our Guests

Hydrokinesitherapy is one of the treatments offered at the Hotel Tritone medical-thermal centre. Like all the available therapies, it is prescribed by the spa doctor Dr. Forestan, who includes it in a treatment plan that is personalized with respect to the specific needs of each individual Guest.


What is hydrokinesitherapy?

Briefly, it is physiotherapy that is carried out in water. Like physiotherapy, hydrokinesitherapy is carried out in different ways, according to the Guest’s clinical case and area to be treated. 

The main tool used is water, which allows one to perform certain movements that would be hindered by gravity when dry. Furthermore, depending on the case, one can also use weights, pillows and other specific tools to facilitate movements in the water.


When is hydrokinesitherapy prescribed?

Hydrokinesitherapy can be used to strengthen muscles, act on inflammation, or promote post-surgery and post-trauma rehabilitation. In each case we proceed step by step through  several sessions as needed to reap the benefits.


What treatments is hydrokinesitherapy combined with?

This treatment is usually performed before physiotherapy and is associated with other treatments such as tecar therapy and lymphatic drainage. It is frequently alternated with tecar therapy until the patient is ready to work in the gym, where they continue with physiotherapy.


How do Guests feel during hydrokinesitherapy?

We asked  the therapists who look after patients in the treatment department at Hotel Tritone how  people feel when they undergo hydrokinesitherapy. 

“People are very often   amazed at how well they can move in the water  compared to what they try to do outside the pool. The body is lighter and pain decreases or disappears: this gives people a lot of relief “.

 “At the end of the therapy, moreover, the   feeling of joy  at being finally free from pain and its constraints is what prevails. For example, some time ago a lady underwent this therapy after breaking her ankle. She was on a crutch when she arrived at the hotel and could not put her foot down. After ten days of therapy, she was able to walk quite well again and greeted us all with a smile”.


What does it mean to have hydrokinetic therapy at Hotel Tritone

Our therapists explain that often people must be accompanied step by step in approaching this therapy. Some Guests may be  afraid of water, in which case we try to put them at ease: it is essential for patients to be relaxed when having this therapy. The  relationship of trust   that is established is even more important in this case. Our therapists talk to such Guests to make them feel confident, they help them get used to the pool, and to understand there is no danger. When a Guest finally lets go, the therapy begins.


For information on hydrokinesitherapy treatments you can write us here or call (+39) 049 8668099