The Hotel Tritone Charter of Values: a guide to bringing you the experience of a story like no other

Making our guests experience a story like no other is our mission. To achieve this, every member of the Hotel Tritone staff knows, and applies in their daily work, ten guiding principles that have become our guiding light for decision-making. 

Naturally, each person on our staff must be able to understand and adapt the ten values to the tasks he or she carries out, making them his or her own with intelligence, sensitivity and competence.

These ten pillars, on which the Tritone Luxury Experience is based, are contained in the Charter of Values, drawn up to disseminate this awareness to all levels of the team and to ensure that everyone is inspired to offer you, our guests, only the best possible experiences.

Here, then, are the ten key points for achieving this goal, which we would like to share with you so that you can understand how the Hotel Tritone has evolved to date and what are the principles for its future evolution.



Luxury is always having everything you want, without having to ask for it, because it has already been thought of for you. Here at the Tritone, luxury is something more: it is being called by name, knowing that you are expected and welcomed, and seeing that your expectations have been met and fulfilled from the very first second.

For us, the Tritone Luxury Experience is about offering you the certainty that every moment of your stay will be surprising and fulfilling, with the same respectful familiarity as if you were at home. It is with satisfaction that we see you happily return to visit us, because the regard with which we think of you is that of close friends, whom we want to surprise and make feel special.



The real masters are you, our Guests. Listening to you discreetly, carefully and without preconceptions is the best way to step out of our comfort zone, put ourselves in your shoes and create an unbeatable experience.

Relationships with you, therefore, are the best learning our work can give us, and we must always be willing to entertain them and understand your issues.



Surprise is a “reaction of wonder or astonishment at the occurrence of an unforeseen or unexpected, usually pleasant, circumstance”.

The Tritone Luxury Experience is a constant surprise in terms of meeting your expectations. But what matters most is that each one of our employees is motivated to go beyond the usual jobs they do in the hotel. In other words, it takes dedication, enthusiasm, passion and romance to always surprise you, our dear Guests.



Every year we invest in the maintenance of our hotel and in the construction and renovation of facilities to enhance your experience. We also train our staff on new hospitality trends. Change also serves to break the habits of repetitiveness and give everyone new stimuli to activate their own passion.



We select the best talent in the area for each role in our team, verifying technical competence, soft skills, and duration and quality of previous experience. And because talent must be nurtured and encouraged to flourish, we invest in many hours of training every year, valuing and rewarding those who work hardest and bring the best results. Competence, however, is not only technical, it is also skill in relating to you, our Guests, which comes from a combination of attitude, experience and awareness, three elements that we verify with great care and consistency.



We are constantly working to make you comfortable. But the less visible our work is, the better. Like dancers, we move in coordination and harmony, mindful of the ultimate goal of our work. This constant silent movement is the result of hard and constant training, and daily dialogue with colleagues and guests.



Our territory enjoys the bounty of thermal water. Around this powerful natural resource, our hotel has created an ecosystem of health services that find their main expression in the Thermal Medical Centre, but are an all-embracing part of our attention to you at all times.



Catering is a cornerstone of the luxury experience. It is not enough to think about nutrition, we want to satisfy and surprise all your senses: taste, smell and even sight. Each dish must be a harmonious combination that can impress as an interesting variation on the theme of traditional Italian cuisine, which remains the sole and constant inspiration.



We are fortunate to be in the centre of an area rich in cultural and natural attractions. Venice, Padua Urbs Picta, Vicenza and Verona are huge cultural centres renowned throughout the world. Even closer yet lesser-known proposals allow us to offer you incredible experiences of history, art, culture, nature and food and wine, which we know well and are ready to introduce you to.



Our story has brought us this far. The past is a great river that bears us through today and towards tomorrow, to the times when we will meet new people and new stories. The intersection of all these lives and choices, the focus on absolute excellence, and the openness to change are the conditions in which we wish to operate. Because only then will our story and your story be stories like no other.

In these ten guiding values and in their daily application lies the secret of the Tritone’s success: every guest can recognise them in every situation when living the extraordinary experience of a stay at our hotel. 


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