Special spa treatments at the Tritone Medical Centre and welcoming Guests

Several times, in this blog, it has been pointed out that the Hotel Tritone is not only an ideal place for holidays and relaxation but also a Medical Centre where you can find wellness and fitness, and where you can preserve your health and balance. Never before has being a medical centre been so important, because it allows us to continue to provide the care and assistance that many people need, regardless of the period we are living through.

As of today, the Hotel Tritone is open as a healthcare facility. To continue to guarantee treatments considered essential (LEA, from the initials of Essential Levels of Care in Italian), the Authorities have decided to keep the medical centres operational, because of the role they play in serving citizens.

This strength, in the Medical Centre of the Hotel Tritone, is supported first and foremost by the staff, a group of highly qualified professionals, who are able to treat every pathology and health need with precision and empathy. Secondly, the quality of the facility is evident in its scientific innovation, represented not only by state-of-the-art equipment but also by research and the application of advanced methodologies and technologies.


The treatments that can be followed at the Hotel Tritone during the health emergency

Among the types of therapeutic programmes that can be carried out are mud baths, inhalations and physiotherapy.

The unique benefits of the muds of Abano Terme

The muds of Abano Terme are exceptional for their special qualities, which are absent in other thermal areas. A few months ago we reported in these pages the news of the discovery of a new anti-inflammatory molecule in the mud of Abano Terme, deriving from a specific type of bacteria that forms during the maturation of the mud. This process takes place in the mud tanks which we also have in our Medical Centre and which are managed by our specialised personnel. Several in vitro and in vivo tests have shown that this molecule acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, but without causing any side effects.

Not only are the muds of Abano Terme unique, they also have proven effectiveness, free from any unpleasant consequences that may arise from the use of medicines. Moreover, the benefits are immediate and lasting.

Mud therapy relieves the pain caused by arthritis and rheumatic diseases, as the strong heat causes the release of hormones with anti-inflammatory (cortisol) and analgesic (endorphins) actions.

The properties of thermal clay are also beneficial if you suffer from rheumatism and osteopathic diseases or are recovering from trauma or fractures.


The exclusive properties of thermal water for inhalation treatments

Thermal inhalations are therapies prescribed in case of chronic diseases of the respiratory system: bronchitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis. Access to these treatments is granted after a visit to the Hotel Tritone’s spa doctor who will direct the guest towards the prescribed therapy.

Inhalation treatments use the thermal water typical of the Abano Terme area, which contains many valuable mineral substances such as sodium, bromine and iodine. Micro-ionised nasal douching is an excellent therapy for the treatment of sinusitis and consists of a flow of drops of thermal water pushed into the nostrils.

Inhalations are indicated for diseases linked to the naso oropharyngeal cavity and are carried out through breathing in the vapour of thermal water mist.

Finally, aerosol, the best-known therapy, treats bronchitis and bronchial asthma. In this case, the equipment allows water particles to be fragmented into tiny parts to penetrate deeper into the organs of the respiratory system.


Physiotherapy care: the flagship of the Hotel Tritone’s Medical Centre

Famous among specialists all over Italy, the physiotherapy department of our Hotel is renowned for its scientific and technological innovation. Many Guests have followed our treatments on the advice of famous medical professors who have placed their patient’s health in the hands of our physiotherapists.

These specialised professionals use both advanced equipment and highly-skilled manual techniques: it is precisely the combination of these that allows the guest to follow a tailor-made course, suitable for their unique condition and thus capable of treating even the most complex pathologies.

Among the equipment of which the Physiotherapy Centre of the Hotel Tritone can boast is the Tecar, a special device capable of generating heat that reaches the deepest layers of the muscle bands. This device allows intervention to alleviate inflammation or to carry out a restorative procedure.

Tecar therapy is suitable for patients of all ages and particularly used by sportsmen and sportswomen since it can treat non-surgical osteoarticular and muscular pathologies, such as lumbago, cervicalgia, muscular lesions, sprains and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Lastly, our specialists practise hydro-kinesiotherapy, which is used in the case of problems with the locomotor, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The heat of the thermal water is used to ensure that the body can perform movements that would otherwise require a great deal of effort outside the water. This rehabilitative treatment has a myorelaxant effect that improves motor efficiency.


These three types of therapy, each of which can be highly personalised according to the conditions of each individual, are operational and can accept patients from all over Italy, who can at the same time enjoy all the services and spaces of the Hotel. However, we recommend that you contact us to confirm the details of your reservation.

For further information on the therapies of the Thermal Health Centre at the Hotel Tritone and to reserve your treatment and your stay, you can write to us here or call (+39) 049 8668099